Last week Sean and the UO’s Design For America Chapter displayed their installation “These Hands, My Words”. The large canvas displays text from the university’s Campus Crime Alerts, specifically those about sexual assault, an unfortunately common email we all get. The DFA team wanted to bring these fleeting emails and create a more tangible and lasting experience by having students  paint their hand in the teal of Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and place a handprint on the canvas. 
I was fortunate enough to document the day, and more photos and a video will be coming soon.

For more info here is an article from the Oregon Daily Emerald

bowling on Monday with some of the Allen Hall Advertising staff

Gloomy Day in LA
dat mass (at Levitated Mass)
UO and HOPES[5] alum Noah Friedman came to visit the HOPES[20] staff and give a short talk on his work and his experience with HOPES. I was fortunate enough to sit down with him and hear his thoughts on sustainability and the importance of planting the seeds for future growth. Written piece by Sean Danaher & video piece coming soon.
Finn’s Home
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